Bad Karma?

March 1, 2007

I collect things. Little things that to me have meaning. Several months ago I found a paper thin wing of a Monarch butterfly. Not long after I found a heart shaped cat food kibble on the sidwalk at work. This weekend I found a tiny blue bird’s egg that was cracked and very fragile. I had a plan of putting all of these things as well as other items on an altar for meditation.

I came home yesterday and the egg had gone missing. Several hours later I found bits and pieces of the egg on the floor by the kitchen crushed to bits. Today at work I leaned over my desk to get something and realized later that the butterfly wing and the heart were gone. I guess I had pushed them over when I was reaching. I looked on the floor and tiny pieces of the butterfly wing were all over and the heart was just gone.

I believe in signs. I think this might be a bad sign.

 Nothing bad has happened yet, but this weekend is the Spirit, Mind and Body fair and I think I may have to pop in to see the psychic.


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