Wanna Choke My Chicken?

February 25, 2007

I told my friend Sherri about this awful stuffed chicken they were giving away at the company sales meeting in Cali. It’s really weird. If you hit it, it crows quite loudly. Very entertaining to hear chicken clucks during a very serious power point presentation about the financial state of a corporation. COCK-A-DOODLE-DO!!

And since I recently figured out how to put youtube on my blog, here is something for your sunday viewing and listening pleasure. Here’s hoping it’s a great one!

As a side note, I found this video from Cirque as well, and I think it’s relates to one of my previous posts about the dream and tiny feathers. Emerging from the hidden places to become one’s true self can be frightening and painful but has the ability to also be extraordinarily beautiful.

One Response to “Wanna Choke My Chicken?”

  1. SherrSherrSherri I stutter said

    Nothing like a stuffed chicken to keep the staff on task! lol P.S. I loved the Cirque video.

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